About us


As we already explained, Grafito Editorial is oriented to a demanding comic book audience who appreciate good stories, a great design and a high quality publication at a good price. Reader care is our biggest aim. We hope our work would talk for ourselves.

comic_grafito_yolanda_dibujante_hOn each of our published graphic novels we will support strongly our authors. Our commitment is for authors to get promoted and to gain their public recognition, but above all, they must be able to make their living out of their professional job. And that is one of our main aims, especially new talent, as the comic book market is growing with a wide range of publications but, mostly re-issuing, rather than launching new titles.

Bear in mind that although we want to publish authors elsewhere, as Spanish publishers we will only publish the printed comic in Spanish. But we will combine every album through our translated digital editions in English and French for foreign countries in order to project our titles internationally.

If you are abroad, please take this as an opportunity to conquer with your work a whole new country full of comic fans.


Our Team


ANTONIO LÓPEZ ABAD. System Admin specializing in free software. He’s the magician that makes this website work. If you say his name 3 times, Windows will never crash ever again! Read more

Delfina Palma

DELFINA PALMA. Full time comic book artist and illustrator. She has designed all the illustrations and graphic material for the Grafito Editoral website. Scourge of Twitter. Read more


GUILLERMO MORALES. Editorial Director. He likes pistachios. Read more


YOLANDA DIB. Head of Marketing and Communication. When they told her that the comic editorials market wouldn’t be economically viable, like a good little economist, she took out her old solar-powered calculator and accepted the challenge. Read more